Wednesday, July 02, 2014

TMB Presents: Aretha The Beat Tape

Six months ago with an unused beat from Moteleola this whole journey begin. The beat had been kicking around and then a lightbulb went off above my head and for the last six months I've been piecing this whole thing together. Finally I'm able to give you the incredible Aretha Franklin sample driven beat tape featuring some of my favorite beat makers from the US and UK. Shouts to those talented dudes that helped bring the vision to life. Sit back, hit play and enjoy it. This is Aretha, The Beat Tape. Chea!

01. Intro (The Lady Next Door)
02. No Getting By Without You - Dr Khil
03. A Star For Everyone - Madden Miles
04. Interlude (Singing with Donnie)
05. Got It Right - Starchild
06. Master of Eyes - Dr. Quandary
07. Call Me - Moteleola
08. Listen - maticulous
09. Roc-A-Lot - Ross Munroe
10. Interlude (Sing Again)
11. Angel - Handbook
12. Removed Stitches - HP tha Hybrid

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