Thursday, October 16, 2014

What I'm Watching: Oddisee & Good Compny - "The Goings On (Live)"

I don't know how much more I can positively speak on what Oddisee brings to music in a whole but I do know that I'm extremely grateful for the talent he shares with it and with his group Good Compny. I've gotten the pleasure of seeing them all perform live and it was one of my favorite musical experiences. Amazing! Production, lyrics, flow, live stage show, etc., etc. If you still haven't bought these projects he's created, I highly suggest you go do that. It'll only help advance the growth in hearing more of it.

Check out what Oddisee had to say about the "Tangible Dreams" project:
"I live in a gentrified part of Brooklyn, I eat out several times a week, I travel the world sampling the best that cities across the globe have to offer. Do I live in a penthouse loft? Am I dinning in five stars restaurants? Can you only find me in the most exclusive areas? Do I own a jet? The answer to all the above is most certainly no. I’m just a regular man from Prince George’s county, Maryland that figured shit out.

I discovered that I can make a career in an arena dominated by artists that sell false dreams. I realized that although the masses may not know of my body of work, it doesn’t take the whole world to have the world I want. Tangible Dream is a mix-tape dedicated to the deconstruction of our traditional ideas of success & shedding light on the possibility of a sustainable rap life.

These rhymes were written in economy class seats, these beats were produced on long bus trips & these songs were recorded in airbnb apartments. All I want to do is make music for a living so that I can live to make music. The only dreams I’m interested in are the ones I can grasp. It just so happens that anything you want bad enough can be obtained. Perhaps the world may never know of my accomplishments but accomplishments they are nonetheless."

Available on iTunes: "Tangible Dream"
Available on Vinyl LP: "Tangible Dream"
Available on CD Digipak: "Tangible Dream"

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FB: OddiseeMusic
IG: Oddisee

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