Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Devine Carama - "Glorious Dartz & Soundscapes" (Prod. by Eianjay of Beat Addictz) / "Believing In Forever" (Album)

Devine released his album recently and if you copped the physical copy, there were two bonus tracks he threw on it. He was cool enough to hit us up with one of them here, which only strengthens the sound of what already is a good album. So yeah, check this out and then peep the album after the jump.

Devine Carama's Thoughts on Believing In Forever

"Believing In Forever is a motivational speech to young MCs coming into the game. In this instant gratification generation that often forgets it's linage and those that laid the path before them, this album is a reminder to them that integrity wins in the end. The theme of this album goes beyond the scope of just a rapper's plight. We all often struggle between our passion and getting paid, what we love and making a living, our purpose and our priorities. Just trying to balance it all out. But at the end of the day if you stay true to your culture, your craft, your purpose, and give your all you WIN regardless of the outcome. This album is about not investing in things that are temporary but rather believing in forever."

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