Thursday, August 31, 2006


As a parent, if you have to tell your child "you better start listening to me..." chances are they've stopped a long time ago, and don't plan on changing that any time soon. Far too often walking through the mall, grocery store and restaurants, I've noticed kids just doing their own thing and completely ignoring their parents. Get some control, grow some balls and let your kids know who's in charge.

This wasn’t a problem for my mom when she was raising me. I never talked back; interrupted 'grown folk' talk or came out of pocket. Parents just haven't set the standard for their kids. Too much freedom, and way too much allowing them to make their own decisions is just reckless. They will grow up and not respect anyone or anything. They’ll always think it’s their way.

My word of advice - lay the smack down, or your kids will be running over you forever! If you see someone out and it's noticeable that they've lost control, give that parent the head nod, shake the shit out of them and then say, "hey, grow some balls and lay the smack down!"

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