Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Retired Strippers

Found this sign outside of a strip joint. First thing I thought - really? New girls inside? With a sign like this it raises the question, what happens to the old girls? Do strippers retire? Is there a 401K plan to buy into? Did they get laid off? I want to know.

Not sure if you've ever been in this spot (no name to protect the innocent). But I can admit I have been in a brief moment of poor judgement. One night pretty fired up, I needed a place to chill and sober up. Didn't want to do the typical diner thing. Yep, my boys and I picked a strip joint. Rolled in and it must have been geriatric night. Old and sloppy looking chicks. One stripper came out with a walker. She had a spot in the floor that she could attach the walker, and instead of dancing on the pole, she grinded out on the legs of her walker. Another chick was poorly put together. She was moving about on the stage in some thrift store outfit, with unsexy holes in the costume. Then she pulled on a string that revealed her stomach. Yeah, I'm not going to go into to many details on that. I still have nightmares. Some dudes give strippers money so that they can reveal more, I gave her $20 to cover up and get off stage. I was sober about 15 minutes after walking in the door, and proceeded home.

So, when I saw this sign today - I was happy to know that they had acquired new girls. I'm just curious to know what happen to their old ones.

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