Sunday, September 05, 2010

Egypto Knuckles & TMB - The Labor Day Mix

I'm one big on surprises, so for my post, allow me to present to you the Labor Day Mix.

The mix itself was compiled with the theme of Labor based around it. So here you have 11 jams built around the course of what goes through my mind on a workday. It may sound foolish at times, other times it may sound downright demented but you know, the whole purpose of labor is to work, so regardless of my thoughts, these might work for the rough work day you might be having on your days. Take today (and Monday if you got it off or not) to listen to these songs and reflect. Thanks to my fam over at The Mad Bloggers and my crew, Background Noise for the vision.

Please note: This mix was compiled from artists that are in no way, shape or form affiliated by The Mad Bloggers, Egypto Knuckles or Background Noise Crew, this is simply a labor of love where I wanted to just get this out to the people and open 'em up to new artists you may not be aware of. So without further adieu, go to the Bandcamp link below to download the mix and enjoy!

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