Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Check It ... Chaundon "Don't Stop" (Prod. By Khrysis)

Peep the fresh cut off the upcoming compliation, Free Shabazz. Look out for the drop December 21.
Free Shabazz is a compilation for free download brought to you by music video production company Ricky Shabazz and the Boom Bap Boys in association with Underground Hip Hop and Fameless Fam. It will be available December 21, 2010 and includes 21 exclusive tracks from an array of the most promising talents of the now. We feel the artists represent Mr. Shabazz’s intent of pushing boundaries through original concepts and fresh execution.
  1. Antiquarian (prod: J57 /cuts: DJ Emoh Betta)
  2. The Bullshit (prod: Jinesis) – P.So
  3. Shouts to Common (prod: Reality) – Homeboy Sandman
  4. Probability Bandits (prod: Falside) – Noah23
  5. Don’t Stop (prod: Khrysis) - Chaundon
  6. Cold Sores (prod: Dynamo414 /cuts: DJ Emoh Betta) - Ceschi
  7. Herb Lunchauer – Soul Khan
  8. Datura Stramonium - Kalae Allday & YC the Cynic
  9. The Colors (prod: Maticulous /cuts: DJ Brace) – Audible Doctor
  10. Give up the Ghost (prod: Time Crisis /cuts: DJ Emoh Betta) – Time Crisis
  11. Guns N Roses (prod: Introspective Minds /cuts: Rain) – Moe Pope
  12. Devil’s Bandit (prod: Falside) - Slaine
  13. Destroy (prod: Jaz Infinite)  - C-Rayz Walz
  14. Make ‘Em Move (prod: Jinesis) – Fresh Daily
  15. Eagle Eye (prod: Karniege) - Karniege
  16. Kidnap Your Boyfriend (prod: Aaron Cormack) – George Watsky
  17. Mr. Brown (prod: 2 Hungry Bros) – YC the Cynic
  18. Sgt. Salty (prod: Hannibal King) - Sene
  19. 3 Magic W’s (prod: Factor) – LMNO & Awol One
  20. All Alone (prod: Jinesis) - Quesfire
  21. City Life (prod: Zee Imports) – Kooley High

Don\'t Stop (prod_ Khrysis).mp3

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