Friday, May 25, 2012

What I'm Listening To: @AntoineDunn - "Miss My Love"

Photo Courtesy of Danielle Andes

I have a million and five Pandora channels and today I decided to listen to the Neo-Soul station named after Maxwell's Urban Hang Suite. After hearing several of my favorite songs, this soulful and sultry tune playing from an artist I'd never heard of grabbed my attention. His name... Antoine Dunn.

As I often tend to do, I like to share what I'm listening to on Facebook and Twitter. Sometimes it can drum simple conversation or an in depth discussion about how amazing an artist is. This was no different when I decided to press the 'share' button and tweet out Pandora's great song choice. Lo and behold, Antoine mentions me on Twitter to say thank you for tweeting the song out.

Then, I was able to chop it up with him on Facebook discussing some of his performance dates and how he got started in the music industry. Born and raised in Cleveland, Dunn first began his music career as a songwriter, then became a church choir director and finally shifted his focus to singing. And trust me when I say, that was a great shift of focus.

"Miss My Love" is a classic R&B jawn with a sprinkle of gospel spice. His voice melts effortlessly over the second release from his upcoming debut project Truth of the Matter. If you're wondering where the real music is, it's right here. Check out Antoine Dunn's song below and make sure you keep up with his musical journey on Twitter. Enjoy.

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