Friday, May 25, 2012

What I'm Watching: @RebelDiaz - "Soy Rebelde"

Rebel Diaz comes through speaking about the hardships and odds that are stacked against us nowadays. From NATO to the 1% to the law enforcement and so on, Rebel Diaz touches on those subjects with a presence that is difficult to ignore. Real strong message in this joint, peep it.

In the midst of a midwest tour with a heavy presence in Chicago's May Day and NATO protest actions, Rebel Diaz releases the street single "Soy Rebelde" off their long anticipated debut album Radical Dilemma.

True to the group's bilingual form, the song samples a late 60s spanish pop ballad, "Soy Rebelde, porque el mundo me hecho asi.." (I'm a Rebel, because the world has made me this way..."). Produced by G1 of Rebel Diaz. Performed by G1 and RodStarz of Rebel Diaz.

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