Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Interview: Miss Special x Big Remo

Miss Special of Special Sundays Radio Show chats with Jamla's Big Remo at A3C. They speak about the chemistry between him and 9th Wonder coming from the same city, as well as "beat hoarding" 9th and The Soul Council's beats. They also speak about the idea behind his message of "glorifying the hood", his favorite Slick Rick song, and what a song with him and Slick Rick would be like. "That's my dream right there. If I can get Slick Rick on a track we're gonna paint a picture, we're gonna make a movie. Miramax will probably gonna have to produce the video."

He also speaks on his next project "Hero" and how important it is to be held accountable for what you say. "As you can see on Twitter now I'm verified. You gotta account for everything you say now. So now is the time that I feel like I gotta focus mostly on what I have to account for. These new rappers are very very talented.. Just gotta keep up with them and write better than them and harder and more content, good lyrical content."

(via @MiSS1SPECiAL)

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