Thursday, April 10, 2014

Download: MeccaGodZilla - "ERROARS 2​.​2: Metal Sakura"

In his bio, it states that musically, MeccaGodZilla’s sound is like mixing Talib’s rhyme influence with RZA’s beat making tips and the Dalai Lama’s tips on being a better human being. After hearing this instrumental album, I couldn't agree more.

In a break from the norm here at The Mad Bloggers, we bring you a project with a global feel to it. As soon as I hit play, I pretty much just zoned out on whatever it was I was doing at the time. Some tracks on "ERROARS 2​.​2: Metal Sakura" had that movie vibe to it while others had an obvious Hip-Hop element that inspired me to head nod.

According to Mecca, he started off as a sample producer, but ended up with only 3 tracks on this project that were sampled. Either way, I enjoyed what he created here.

Some of my favorite stand outs on this are "Chariots", "Raye 6.4", "Amnesia", and the only track that features artists, "Laundromat Combat feat Last Words and Buhrnum Wood".

Overall, it's a nice change of pace so peep it and let us know what y'all think.

In typical Kaiju fashion, MeccaGodZilla returns with sonic alchemy after a 3 year hiatus to produce the new instrumental album titled “ERROARS 2.2: Metal Sakura.” Possibly part of the epic rebirth of Long Island’s raw Hip-Hop/Rap sound, this new seventeen-track LP emanates a global fusion of cultural elements and inspiration.

Influenced by a myriad of experiences while of living in Tokyo, NYC and Long Island, MeccaGodZilla shares a wide palette of musical expression peaking into the roots of Rap, R&B, Experimental, Dancehall and House music.

After the first listen international recording artist and 3X VIMA Award winner Masia One states musically:

“I see a wilting cherry blossom, and when its dipped in metal instead of incinerating it becomes stronger and more beautiful… the metal doesn’t cause them (the blossoms) to fall hard, they are still organic and beautifully graceful, but slowly forming metallic shells…”

Driven by the goal to keep this album 100% Strong Island vibes, MeccaGodZilla foraged locally recruiting Freeport’s very own Last Words and Buhrnum Wood, two MC’s known for extraordinary freestyle ability, to engage in a lyrical joust on the closing feature song “Laundromat Combat.”

“It’s pretty ill to think about the following idea. Long Island, NY has arguably some of the best, most skilled and diverse artists in rap history, notably Rakim, De La Soul, Leaders Of the New School, Prince Paul, Public Enemy, EPMD, Keith Murray, KMD, Roc Marciano and lots more. I aspire to rep for the place I was raised and provide more of that Long Island Sound to the world.”

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  1. 力強いけどとても儚いサウンドが特徴のアルバムに仕上がっており、とてもメカゴジラらしい!サウンドトラックのような映画をみているようなそんな感じ。。最後のランドリーの歌はまじおもろい。と思う!へへ


    This is Last Words, live and direct, the real me, text and blood......ever so humbled I wanted to say thank you for the shout out........this album is can play a track and remain here on earth as we know it or select another track and find yourself light years away in another galaxy......the range is just ridiculous.......and its all GOOD music at the end of the day, wherever the journey takes turn it up some and enjoy life.......cause that is what music is.......LIFE.....MECCA!!!!! should be proud........MIO!!!!!.....I see you doing your dayum thang too.....HIP HOP!!!!! safe here.......I see you already made yourself

  3. I can't thank yall enough for such a great review! I really appreciate you guys for sharing this. Much much respect and thanks!

    Mio Soul and Last Words thanks so much yall!!!!

  4. No doubt, MeccaGodZilla! Thanks for your continued support of The Mad Bloggers. It's supremely appreciated, man.