Sunday, June 27, 2010

Check It ... Clearing Out the Inbox

Every now and again, we get waaaaaaaaaaay behind on checking the emails in The Mad Bloggers' gmail account. The results is a ridiculous amount of email to go through. Honestly, some of what finds its way into our inbox is garbage (in our opinion). But among the trash is some pretty good music. We pride ourselves on giving indie cats a listen. Instead of posting 50 individual posts (exaggeration), I'm gonna throw a gang of them into here. Enjoy.

Check out the Milwaukee emcee iLL B's "Soldier Of Love (featuring Sade)" off his webtape "Cupid's Glasses"

This J Dante x Man Mantis project dropped back in April. We even included one of the tracks on an episode of our podcast. Pretty dope project. Popped up in our email recently and I realized that I never posted up the full project. Download it. It's worth it.

<a href="">Intro by J Dante x Man Mantis</a>

"Off the specially released "The Opus of the Opus " mixtape coming soon, mixed by Chicago DJ veteran Risky Bizness, The Ocean featuring Slug from Atmosphere leak is part of a special culmination of beats and rare collaborations that the OPUS brought to the country of Japan while touring the cities of Tokyo, Osaka, and Gumma."

<a href="">The Ocean (Remix) Feat. Slug by the OPUS</a>

"Hip Hop, Drama and Love. Three isolated things but yet three things one sees daily in the city of Chicago. Welcome to the world of K.Vincent, a young emcee hailing from the forgotten but not  gone area of Uptown Chicago. It's the experience of living in the North side neighborhood of Uptown that molds the music and background of K.Vincent's raps; the topics range from the pressures of grinding to get a bigger slice of the pie to contemplating what to do when a man is staring at his lowest point. With a refreshing style that can be related to by anyone of any circumstance or calling."

<a href="">We Made It Ft Dalé by K.Vincent</a>

"In mid 2010,Chicago rapper Trinity is releasing her 4th mixtape Collectors Edition Vol. 2. In an effort to prove that lyricism is still alive among females MC's, Trinity rips through verses with creative intellectually savvy flows. Her first single entitled #1 (Number One) is produced by Chicago's Phantem, who samples Bahamadia for the hook."

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