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First Listen: "Dirty Jordans" @WillieGreen1

Willie Green does his thing on "Dirty Jordans". I'm happy I was in the circle of folks that had the opportunity to review this prior to it's June 15th drop (today, go get that). Willie Green is one talented producer.

I first came across Green's work on the Willie Green & Nasa aka Adam Warlock "Law & Order" project [late last year]. The dude is definitely dope. And Dirty Jordan's is smooth as hell. The 30 track project serves as "a companion piece to the Super Chron Flight Brothers upcoming LP, 'Cape Verde'" (side bar: Cape Verde is also dope!)

I reached out to Green for a Q&A.

The Mad Bloggers: How long have you been producing? What inspired you to start to create?

Willie Green: I made my first beat when I was 15 or so, although I grew up with drum machines and keyboards because my uncle is a musician. I grew up playing instruments, but also listening to hip-hop, so this was the natural progression I guess. I'd say I've been a legit professional producer/engineer since 2007.

TMB: What influences your beats?

WG: Everything, literally. Obviously the records and movies I sample, but a lot of other stuff. I've been reading a lot of Sci-Fi books lately, old stuff like from the '30s. I've also been travelling a lot, seeing a lot of new places. Anything I see kinda puts my head in a different place and affects my music.

TMB: What equipment are you using to create your beats?

WG: I'm all in the computer now. I've always been a computer nerd so my setups throughout the years have all been computer based. All the "realists" are gonna gonna be mad, but I was never an MPC user. I use Steinberg's Nuendo software, running mostly Native Instruments synths. I used to have a good amount of hardware synths and keyboards but due to lack of space and lack of rent money, I've sold all those off over the years. I also use a Korg padKontrol controller and of course my records and drum library.

TMB: Who's someone you would love to work with?

WG: The top of that list is Ghostface. I shouldn't even have to explain why. Also MOP. One good BLACKA BLACKA BLAOW!!! on one of my beats, and I can retire a happy man.

TMB: You're stranded on an island with your production equipment and can only bring one album to sample, what is it?

WG: I don't even want to say the name cause there's still a lot left on it. I was using it so much, I had to put it away. I already have a few singles out from there, that Super Chron Flight Brothers "Reggie Miller" that's out right now, also "In My Cypher" from Pastense, Cannibal Ox, Super Chron, and Johnny Voltik, and something I did for a Wu Tang sampler a couple years back. I had to retire it for a while, but there's so much more on there though, it's a double album. My next choice though would be this South American rainforest choir record I bought upstate. That shit sounds like the world is dying but everyone sings real beautiful while it happens.

TMB: If you could create the soundtrack to one movie, what movie would it be?

WG: A film score is something I'm really interested in getting into, I've had a few little offers and possibilities here and there, but nothing has solidified yet. I'd love to a post-apocalyptic type movie, something like "Children of Men." I could do something crazy with that.

TMB: One piece of advice you'd give to an aspiring producer?

WG: I would say don't try to sound like someone else. You're not Dilla, you're not Just Blaze. Make what's in you're head, be honest with your music. We can tell when you're not.

More Info about Dirty Jordans
Ironically, the follow up to Willie Green's acclaimed ...Of Heroes and Villains, (July '09 - Backwoodz Studioz) Dirty Jordans is technically the prelude. Completed a year prior to the New England producer's debut, Dirty Jordans was held back once the Flight Brothers started mining the instrumental album for beats. Created from '07 - 08, Dirty Jordans is a 30 track instrumental companion piece to the Super Chron Flight Brothers upcoming LP, Cape Verde. The album includes a number of beats that also appear on Cape Verde, so Backwoodz Studioz will be releasing the projects one week apart with Jordans on June 15th and Cape Verde on the 22nd. A departure from the storyline concept of ...Of Heroes and Villains, Dirty Jordans is a stream of consciousness project, a wide selection of beats with movie and television samples abound. The album features Green's alter-ego Baron Silas Greenback, alter-alter-ego David Lopan, and a host of other "guests," and also features cover art by Boston's Iansanity.

Willie Green is based out of Brooklyn, NY and possesses an impressive production resume including Cannibal Ox, LuckyIAm, Reks, Naledge (of Kidz In The Hall), MarQ Spekt and many more. As in-house producer/engineer for Backwoodz Studioz, Green has a number of upcoming projects with the label, including a one MC/one producer project with New Jersey's HiCoup titled Guerilla Jones, production on the upcoming billy woods solo effort History Will Absolve Me, and work on New York based emcee Premonition's debut The Build.

Available now
Dirty Jordans is available exclusively at www.WillieGreenMusic.com for Only $5.00

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