Saturday, January 29, 2011

L.A. The Presentation x The Presentation The Movie

I've told this story a few times. I was listening to Scienze's The Phone Tap(e) project and this track came on called "From L.A." And that's the first time I heard L.A. rhyme.

From the beginning I thought she was dope. I was amazed that she had just started rhyming and was prepping her debut, The Presentation. This was back in July. There has been some time between my initial discovery of L.A.'s sound and the release of this project. And in the in between there have been a few additional tracks released, a few videos and my first time seeing her perform live. I knew this project was going to be dope.

Back in early September we talked about me doing her artwork. As you can tell, this project has a theme. A Kanye theme if you didn't notice. And everything connected with this project was very intentional. So, from the artwork, to the beat selection (most of Ye's old, new and rarely heard) to the mini movie video to go along with the release, it's all intertwined.

I definitely dig the vision.

I personally enjoyed The Presentation. But I'll warn you, that if you don't listen to LA's lyrics you'll be lost in the sauce. Listen. The girl has bars. I hope you enjoy. Chea!

Watch the movie.

The Presentation from Brandon Brathwaite on Vimeo.

Then download the project.

Check my interview with L.A. on Refined Hype

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