Monday, January 24, 2011

Listen To This ... Justin Nozuka

You know I like to give you guys something a little different every now and then right? Well, I couldn't leave this guy's page without posting something. I heard "My Heart Is Yours" and decided not to pass up the opportunity to share. In my opinion, I feel like you can hear his spirit through his songs. With that being said, I think his spirit is beautiful. The soulful elements conveyed through his songs are amazing. I'd definitely see him in concert. Another one of my favorites is "Supposed To Grow Old." I'm sure he gets a lot of comparisons to Justin Timberlake, vocally, but I can't say that's a bad thing, right? I decided that I couldn't post just one song, so here are them all. Check him out... Enjoy.

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  1. Anonymous9:06 PM

    THIS is precisely why I love TMB. I've been a Nozuka fan for a few years now, and he is truly an amazing artists. All that aside, he's also the nephew of Kevin Bacon. Kevin's wife is the sister of his mother, Holly(the namesake of his first album).

  2. Anonymous11:18 AM


  3. Anonymous11:32 AM

    This is no comparison to justin timberlake... Nozuka has soul in every single word he sings, which is what timberlake lacks. Nozuka is down home from the heart with every song, concert and word spoken. Nozuka is a very rare entity within the music industry where as he is doing this because he loves it, he breathes it and music is him all in one. We very rarely see this now because its all about a brand, money or fame. None of which is why Justin Nozuka is in the game

  4. I've seen him in concert twice. And it is definitely something you should add to your bucket list. Hard to believe but his songs are even more powerful live. He puts heart and soul into it, and you feel like. Also got autographs and photos with him and his band, all of them are so humble and kind.

  5. I love his songs! He is an amazing artist!
    I've seen him many times in concert, he is awesome!
    Beautiful soul, spirit and inspiration!

  6. Anonymous12:22 AM

    Justin is an amazing individual. his music is beyond words. you definitely need to see him live!