Saturday, August 27, 2011

BEAT TAPES: maticulous "mello instros" x Rufio "Rappers Jst Rap Onit"

I was just on a rant about beats on twitter. Far too many up and coming rappers grab industry beats over fresh original joints. Stop that. Sure, it's cool every now and again but hearing fifty-leven rappers rhyme over Otis, A Milli, Power, Marvin's Room, et al gets annoying really quick. How about a little bit of originality? Listening to these fresh original beat tapes is a great resource for emcees and a cool place to just enjoy quality music for casual music lovers. Enjoy mello instros from maticulous and Rufio's Rappers Jst Rap Onit. The more I hear from these two guys, the more I'm becoming a fan. Dope. Don't be afraid of beat tapes from unknown producers. Those are the guys you wanna fux with early. Peep my favorite beat from both projects down below and do yourself a favor and download 'em. Chea!

Summer Bees

Download: mello instros


Download: Rappers Jst Rap Onit

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  1. Anonymous9:18 PM

    I know exactly what you're saying......The problem is (coming from an artist's standpoint) Alot of these beat tapes from unknown producers, don't exactly have the right sound....Sure it's ok to experiment but labels dont really want to hear that. And that's what most artists are looking to do(get on a label). I rap mainly over upcoming producers beats. Digging in the crates got me to your site. But I will say, there aren't alot of dope beats usually.