Saturday, August 13, 2011

EVENT: MetaMusick Album Release Party (Saturday, Aug. 13th.)

IT'S OFFICIAL, our CD "Thanks For Nothin" is finally complete and sounding better than anything we could have imagined. Crisp kicks, booming bass, extreme lyrical content... straight up quality! So I guess that leaves us with our final task... THE ALBUM RELEASE PARTY!!!

So in order to display the true art form of Hip Hop you first need the DJ. So we decided to do it right and bring in the "Meta-Qualified" DJ PJOHNS for the night! Secondly, you need crazy ass HOST to make sure everyone is alive and participating. So we got the one and only WHITE CHEDDAR!

We also have performances lined up from our Hip Hop family: BC CONNECT, CHUCK NICKELS, DUECE BUG, 5:AM, ZERD ONE and POLITICAL ANIMALS! With features off the album including Angelique, Nathan Polite II and more to be announced.

We chose The Corner Pocket because it has plenty of FREE parking, a kitchen in-case you're hungry, a full bar, a lot of pool tables and NO DRESS CODE.

This event is 21+ ID required. Doors open at 8 p.m. and the awesomeness follows shortly after.

The directions, Flier and all other details will be posted Sunday Night!

Sincerely, MetaMusick. The Industries Nightmare.

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