Thursday, August 25, 2011

Rochelle Jordan "King A (Aaliyah Tribute)"

I was laying on my mom's couch when I received the news of Aaliyah's passing. It was '01 and I was rocking a two-way pager. Back before the days of twitter I had subscribed to news alerts and I was jolted up by the news of the crash and later of her untimely passing. Some moments in life have such vivid memories. Aaliyah's death is one of those moments. Toronto sonstress Rochelle Jordan offers up a tribute by way of Are You That Somebody. Enjoy.
"When god puts you on this earth for a purpose, nothing can stop his plan. Not even death. She blessed and touched many people world wide with not only her amazing music, but her wonderful spirit. I just wanted to pay homage to one of the few artists that influenced me musically as a child and contributed to the woman I am today." - Rochelle Jordan

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