Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Download: The Promise presents - "The New Deal" (Produced by Mulatto Patriot)

Yet another gem in a full length album worth brought to us by The Promise. Didn't know what to expect from Squair Blaq and producer Mulatto Patriot, who's very new to me, but I enjoyed it. Skits included, this story in music form took me on a nice journey, very visual, very descriptive. Read more about this album and then download it!

The long awaited, highly anticipated "New Deal" album is Here! Inspired by the current recession MC Squair Blaq (of Animate Objects & the Chicago Afro-beat Project) tells a story of a man who looses his employment to outsourcing, then while heading to the unemployment office his car breaks down and to top it all off after he finally makes it home he discovers that his personal belongings were thrown in the dumpster by a former girlfriend. The album produced and mixed by Mulatto Patriot has plenty of warm summertime sample based production infused with a good amount of live instrumentation. The 16 track Album features Psalm One, Pugs Atomz, Primeridian, Neak, S-Star and Charlie Coffeen of Sidewalkchalk, Kiara Shackelford, Lester Jay, Chris Paquette, The Fail, DJ Limbz & DJ Mr. Krime. Album Artwork by Enzo Moscarella.

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