Tuesday, April 10, 2012

NEW RELEASE: FreshNerd "The Hasselhoff Beat Tape"

That boy FreshNerd of 100Akres is dope. I mean, you gotta be dope to flip David Hasselhoff and make it listenable. Ha! Spread love, it's the Brooklyn way ..
Yep, that's right. Yes, I did. I took David Hasselhoff's 80's opus, Night Rocker, and flipped out on every track on there. Now believe me when I tell you that the source material for this beat tape might be the worst album I've ever heard in my life. Not sure how Hasselhoff managed to gain fans off of this but I gotta give it up for him for being able to sell more than 1 copy of this album. #Swag!

p.s. I also flipped the Knight Rider theme and sprinkled in some Knight Rider clips just 'cause of the show's sheer awesomeness. 

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