Thursday, April 12, 2012

What I'm Watching: Mike Jaggerr "Away"

I've heard the song. I watched the video. Then I started to write and I thought to myself, Mike Jaggerr did a great job describing it himself. Why reinvent the wheel, right? Right. Check the back story below and peep the vid up top. I dig it. Chea!
Last year, when I released my first mixtape, The Eleventh Hour, this song, "Away," was the first thing we sent out to blogs. I feel like once you hear "Away," you begin to learn my story and who I am as a person. So for Eleven30, I felt it was only right to officially start promoting it with the "Away" video, to continue that narrative.

Creating "Away" was an important milestone in my comfort level of expression in my art. Just by being able to say things on record that I'd never say in conversation. I like to think of it as one of my first creative doors to freedom that I walked through.

The video speaks on where I've been and where I want go; away from dysfunction and chaos, yet that's not always easy, right? Chike and the Creative Control team understood that and they crafted a vision that reflects that: the kid who wants to pack up and go, but his options seem limited. The thing is, you never know where your angels are and how they're guiding you along the way. 
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