Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Logic & Raze "Kites"

Logic & Raze are a damn creative duo. I'm gonna let the homie JC Poppe do the intro here but what I will say is this is a pretty damn dope track. I dig it. Enjoy. Chea!
If you are a fan of music, I'm sure that you have come across the fantastic track by The Violent Femmes called "Blister in the Sun."

The Femmes,who are from the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area have left a strong legacy of tunes that are ingrained not only in the culture of Wisconsin but in the culture of alternative music everywhere.

In an attempt to pay homage to the great alt group, Milwaukee duo Logic & Raze have re-interpreted the song and modernized it for a whole new generation.

Their original take on the classic is called "Kites" and contains all of the great qualities of the original track while giving it a unique bend for those who embrace both the hip-hop and alternative rock cultures, and has been released today!

Even more basically, if "Blister" made you/makes you dance, then "Kites" is definitely going to make you dance. 
via JC Poppe

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