Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Interview: Miss Special x Nitty Scott MC

Yesterday Nitty Scott MC dropped The Boombox Diaries Vol. 1 and friend of TMB Miss Special had the opportunity to chop it up with her about the project. Peep the interview. Enjoy.
Nitty Scott, MC has finally released the project she has been waiting her whole life to give to the world. Today after releasing her EP "The Boombox Diaries Vol. 1" Nitty Scott, MC called in to talk to Miss Special of Special Sundays Radio Show for her first interview since the release. She spoke about wanting the EP to be something people can listen to without skipping a track and that being influenced by Lupe Fiasco's "Food & Liquor", as well as A Tribe Called Quest's "The Low End Theory" and "Midnight Marauders".

She also broke down different lyrics and song titles from the project, and explained that the diary entries were from her actual diary from the past two years. Coming up Nitty has tons of visual ideas for the EP and is doing work with Wyclef Jean.

(via @MiSS1SPECiAL)

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