Thursday, August 30, 2012

NEW RELEASE: Sha Stimuli "The Savior"

Another quality project from the homie Sha Stimuli. The Savior is part eight of his twelve part Rent Tape Series. He definitely lays it all on the line with his latest offering. I'll let Sha take the intro from here. Then hit play and enjoy.

"I started writing this EP, the eighth installment in The Rent Tape Series with the feeling that I could be some sort of savior the rap game. I listen to the radio and I hear the music that is popular and I get the feeling that there's nothing that is thought-provoking, honest or soul-nurturing and although I can't change the whole game, I wanted to spark a revolution.
I don't know what that revolution would be but I imagined what Tupac would do today musically to co-exist with Rick Ross and Lil Wayne in the mainstream and started to compose an EP. Then all of a sudden I realized that I myself needed saving as I noticed my focus was on things and people I cannot control. So some songs regard myself as a savior, others admit my own need for salvage, and finally I learn acceptance and I receive what is. As confusing as that may sound, that is...The Savior."
-Sha Stimuli

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