Tuesday, August 21, 2012

yU "Dreams" feat. Danedra Rowell

I really dig this joint. Hit play and enjoy. Chea!
The A-side of the next installment in Mello Music Group’s 7” Series comes from Diamond District/1978er producer/emcee yU.

Enlisting Danedra Rowell on vocals, yU eschews the new age boom-bap that got him noticed for something closer to all of our heartstrings. Featuring no rapped bars, “Dreams” is a bittersweet ballad that is less literal than emotive. It captures that late-night, pensive feeling us music heads are very familiar with.  yU is able to craft a sound that is universal and hyper-local, breaking new ground for himself musically.

Peeling back yet another layer of sound from his extensive pallet, yU is proving his versatility as a musician. 

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