Sunday, April 19, 2009

“Do me a favor and ask questions later…”

Andy Suzuki’s 300 Pianos is a project that I’m very excited about hitting the streets!

I met Andy through his percussionist, Kozza, early last year while Andy was pushing his live album at the time. I was impressed with that project and the grassroots way he was getting it out – you know, that viral movement. He’d email the link and asked that you forward it. I surely did that. At the time I was the publisher and editor of a newspaper and asked our entertainment editor do a piece on Andy.

She referred to his sound as “acoustic soul”. I tend to agree. He brings something very different and very real to his music.

He said during that interview, “I am blessed to be able to be doing what I love.” You can definitely hear it in his music. The dude is funny as hell too, as I learned when I ran into him in DC (he’s originally from the area but has been in Rhode Island attending Brown). He was in town doing a show and I ran into him and Kozza at Union Station. It was perhaps one of the funniest 45 minutes. What a humble, extremely talented and down to earth guy.

I know 300 Pianos will not disappoint.

We’ll do a more in-depth piece when the album is available on iTunes and on CD for purchase but I felt the need to put him on your radar now. I had to make sure you were ready.

Seriously check out some of his tracks previewed at and you'll be excited too.


  1. my man, a freaking manchild!!! the love is appreciated. cant wait to see you and the little one. we'll talk!-kozza

  2. nice post, but i heard that dude kozza is wack. he smells like some bad cheese.


    thanks for the post my man!

    -andy suzuki