Wednesday, May 20, 2009


We felt the need to bring in a female perspective, so The Mad Bloggers would like to introduce you to Sui aka Tha Lady Blogga. She’s fired up and ready to go!

Day one and I must say that I am sorry to have to present myself on a rant but I saw the ultimate no-no a few minutes ago… A girl with jean shorts, a hoodie, and big, fuzzy, krabby patty looking boots a.k.a. UGG’s on her feet and it just put me in a mood.

All of a sudden, out of nowhere, there was an insurgence of big, bulky, fuzzy boots. Short ones, tall ones, brown ones, black ones… UGG’s came to the States straight from Australia and became a phenomenon quick. Now I don’t know about you but I hate cold feet. So in the winter I suggest a pair. UGG’s are winter boots that are lined with lamb’s wool and are designed to keep the feet warm DURING WINTER.

Which brings me to my next question…

Ladies, why the hell are y’all rockin’ UGG’s in the spring and summertime?? If you live in Northern Canada or some other country with cold weather and snow then it’s fine. But ladies... We are in NYC (and many other parts around the Country). It is springtime with Memorial Day right around the corner. There is nothing worse than seeing a chick in a wife beater, mini-skirt/jean shorts and a pair of UGG’s. Seeing UGG’s like that, especially the light tan ones, remind me of walking on Coco Bread from Golden Krust.

The whole concept behind rockin’ this winter boots with minis, shorts, and bikini’s is just plain ridiculous. It’s UGGly!!! There’s nothing sexy about it. First of all the boots are lined with wool, which would lead me to believe that in temperatures of 60 plus, your feet would sweat. No matter how cute or sexy you are, sweaty feet = smelly feet. YUCK!!! And I can almost bet your toes probably aren’t even properly pedicured either. Second of all, how cute are big, flat, fuzzy boots and stumpy legs sticking out of a skirt attached to the boots. If you jumped in the ocean, I bet you’d sink and drown. It’s an eyesore!!

Let me enlighten you ladies…

Guys DON’T find that attire attractive. They laugh at you as you walk by. It is about as attractive as the $3 Chinese slipper (but that’s a rant for another day). If you are trying to be sexy with it, put the UGG’s away until next winter. Take $15 and get a Pedi, throw on that skirt or pair of shorts with a fly pair of wedges or sandals and rock it like a real woman. Real women don’t wear UGG’s in the Spring/Summer… Trust me.

~Sui, tha Lady Blogga


  1. I been wondering the same thing for far too long ... Im sick of lookin at em.

  2. Anonymous10:08 PM

    yoooooooo shes right!! lol.. nice addition to the squad..

  3. I guess this is the ladies ghetto take back of the male excuse for wearing Timberland's in the summer. Dem is some Stinky Feets...Pee U.