Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The UnFollowDiddy Movement

Sean "P. Diddy" Combs passed the one million followers mark on Twitter and recorded a message to his followers while on his jet, that he posted upon landing. It was a big moment for Diddy, who hit his followers with "WE DID IT!!!! A MILI A MILI A MILI!!! 1 MILLION FOLLOWERS!!! "

But almost immediately after passing one million followers, the unfollowdiddy movement started on twitter (we fully support... haha), quickly moving up the trending topics on twitter, above all the playoff and proposition 8 talk. How'd it start? @FoxxFiles claims responsibility for starting the movement.

Chris Foxx aka @FoxxFiles

"So tonight I started #unfollowdiddy which rose to #1 trending topics, Puff sent out subliminals to me and then blocked me for the 4th time," @FoxxFiles sent out in a Tweet during the early morning hours of May 27th.

"My name is Chris Foxx and yes I started #unfollowdiddy take that take that I see them subliminals," @FoxxFiles continued on Twitter.

@FoxxFiles "locked in" and went hard on pushing the unfollowdiddy movement and many folks joined in with reasons you should un-follow the music mogul. It quickly became hilarious to follow.

Here are a few:

"unfollowdiddy b/c they saw craig mack on Crenshaw selling pagers! *smh*"

"unfollowdiddy because he never shared his Proactiv with Craig Mack"

"unfollowdiddy because 112 isn't just their name its their account balance LMAO!!"

"unfollowdiddy Because somewhere Craig Mack is freestyling and broke, and that aint right."

"unfollowdiddy because Mario Winans COULD HAVE had a career."

"unfollowdiddy cuz hes in full promote mode for his album and everybody else is on the waiting list"

"unfollowdiddy Cause Ciroc Obama is ignorant"

"unfollowdiddy 'cause Carl Thomas wishes he never met allllllll"

"unfollowdiddy for making Bad Boy an artist cemetery"

Diddy responded to the movement with this tweet, "Life is short! Use your time wisely! Only a fool waste time on negativity! While your trying to tear me down I'm already onto my next dream!"

Diddy followed it with, "I Love u even when you don’t love ME! I will always love you! I LOVE YOU! I believe in you! The devil is a liar! LETS GO!!!"

I had initially imagined Diddy sitting somewhere, shaking his head and mumbling "b*tcha**ness" as the unfollowdiddy trend rose on twitter. But Mr. Ciroc Obama (a name which I think President Obama should put an end to immediately) keeps the followers coming.

Because while it appeared that Diddy's numbers were going down for a moment, his numbers quickly reversed and were on a quick rise. So, perhaps the unfollowdiddy had the opposite result but reading the reasons why you should un-follow, were hilarious in itself (which could be considered a small victory).

“Ok enough of the games! I'm still here and aint goin nowhere! Go to sleep and when you wake up ill be at the finish line waitin for you! Lol” Diddy sent out in a tweet while comfortably above one million followers.

And in an effort to change the tide and prove the might of Diddy, he sent out the following tweet "#luvfollowingdiddy !!!! retweet and show them thev power of positivity! lets go!!! lol" Which as of writing this, has already found it's way on to the twitter trending list.

I wish more folks woke up and paid attention to the crazy stuff that Diddy does. It really appears that Bad Boy is the label artist go to disappear. Total? Craig Mack? Dream? Danity Kane? Carl Thomas? Oh, I can go on. Their number one client will always be Diddy. 

But, hey folks ... follow away.


  1. LMFAO. Priceless. I wish I had been following Diddy just so I could have unfollowed him. But I never bothered. I strongly dislike Diddy.

  2. Strongly dislike diddy... my sentiments exactly. I followed him for like a minute to see what all the hype was about, but his all caps and exclamation points did me in after an hour.

    take that, take that indeed...

  3. Anonymous11:58 AM

    UnfollowDiddy cos he threatened my life with "Vote or Die"

  4. Anonymous11:58 AM

    @FoxxFiles didn't start the movement. A girl in Baltimore -@motherfighter did! Check the facts:

  5. Anonymous11:59 AM

    @FoxxFiles didn't start the movement. A girl in Baltimore -@motherfighter did! Check the facts:

  6. It's all in fun..I don't know why he's getting so upset about it.

    The fact that he is blocking people and actually tweeting about it shows how insecure he really is.The people following him are the ones roasting