Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Charmingly Ghetto "Glory" (Prod. by Introspective Minds)

I'll be honest, I get a lot of music. Most of the time I can't even process half of it. Sitting over in TMB's email account is something like 500 emails. There's no way we'll go through all those joints. So, often times music gets lost in the mix. It sucks but hey.

Earlier today Charmingly Ghetto hit me up via twitter asking to shoot some music my way. Like I said, there's a lot music already sitting that I haven't even had the time to check. Unlike some, blogging isn't my full time gig or one of my many hustles on the road to being a full time gig. I blog because I dig music and try to share as much of it as possible with the audience we have checking the site. That's the reality.

Anyway, since dude told me he was sending his music over and our interactions have always been cool on twitter I decided to go and weed through all the email to peep this cut. I'm happy I did. Glory, produced by Introspective Minds, is a solid joint from the Boston-bred emcee. I definitely dig this joint. Dope. Just like I did, go ahead and give this joint a listen and I'm sure you'll also dig it. Enjoy. Chea!

  Glory (produced by Introspective Minds) by Charmingly Ghetto

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