Monday, August 08, 2011

Hip-Hop Breakfast Ep 64

Another crazy work week followed by a weekend with a road trip down to a wedding Saturday in Pittsburgh, then the ride back Sunday so I could go to work Monday. Pittsburgh was cool. And it was a nice ceremony for a beautiful couple but more importantly they had an open bar all night. Yeah, perfecto. Ha!

On a serious note, congrats to two beautiful people and their new life together. While at the wedding the DJ tore the place down with a little bit of old and new music (yes, they played the chopped and screwed version of the Electric Slide). Early on he tossed on some Lenny Williams too, so I had to lead off with that joint today. Cause I Love You is one of my top 10 favorite songs of all time.

Also featured this week is songstress Natasha Ramos' version of Marvin's Room. Yeah, I know the last thing we need is another cover but her version is a favorite, so enjoy that. The rest of the playlist kind of fell in line behind that. As always, I hope this ep helps kick start your week. Enjoy. Chea!

01. Lenny Williams - Cause I Love You
02. Natasha Ramos - Marvin's Room (Remix)
03. J. Cole - How High
04. Trek Life - So Supreme (MarvWon Remix)
05. Hassaan Mackey & Apollo Brown - Something

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