Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Soul Khan "Resolution" Produced by marink

"This new EP isn't progressive, experimental, or a bold new frontier in popular music. It is a drunken stab in the face."

Soul Khan delivers up another EP in Resolution, this time with Brown Bag AllStars producer marink on the boards. Four tracks for $3 is like a buy three, get one free type of deal. Damn, Soul Khan is a generous mutha-effn rapper, huh? But the generosity doesn't come just in the price, it comes in the rhyme. Resolution is packed with the word play you should come to expect from Soul Khan. And he doesn't disappoint. The project is also filled with solid production thanks to marink and a familiar collaborator in Akie Bermiss. Also featured are Big Chief and Nine. Fresh from start to finish. Hit play and enjoy. Chea!

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