Friday, September 23, 2011

What EMS Is Listening To ... "Sightings (Mixtape Vol. 1)" x Anduze

First off let me say, I'm into eclectic and unique sounding music. I'm also a fan of the instrumentation of a song. So based on those two things alone, Anduze's Sightings, Mixtape Vol. 1. creates a well-balanced mixture of these two key elements. I'm actually QUITE impressed. You can definitely throw this on and either just chill , get up and dance in your living room or cruise down the highway on your way to Miami. Any of these options work! My recommendation would be to download, pronto! You'll really, really appreciate the vibe that Sightings, Mixtape Vol. 1 has to offer... It's just a press of a button. No, seriously ;) It's on my Mp3 player. Is it on yours?

Enjoy your Friday night, peoples!

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