Sunday, September 25, 2011

What I'm Watching: ScienZe "Autumn" feat. JohnNY U.

ScienZe dropped Autumn a few days ago on the start of the season, off his upcoming When Skies Fall. Joined by JohnNY U, another solid cut. Enjoy. Chea!
"Peace Peace to everyone.  For all who don't know, I'm the headlining emcee for an amazing movement called The Hall Pass Tour.  We're a team of 20 somethings that travel to schools putting on concerts that use music to encourage underserved students to pursue college and follow their dreams.  We are scheduled to tour the east coast this fall, and we would like all of you to be part of the movement.  In order to make this tour a possibility, we've started a kickstarter campaign ( which lets people pledge to the cause.  With each pledge there are perks, and one of them is an advanced signed copy of When Skies Fall LP." 
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