Wednesday, January 04, 2012

The Hollowz "Bleed"

2011 was a busy year for hip-hop duo The Hollowz.

They released their debut album "Dreams Of Sex And Flying."

Producer Ed Cayce released instrumental album "Fears Of Sex And Flying," beat tape "Puppycrusher: The Anthology," and produced music for the wildly popular Epic Rap Battles series on YouTube.

Emcee Logic teamed with fellow emcee/producer Raze to release the LP "...STILL untitled" as well as the EP "...untitled LIVE."

Recently The Hollowz have re-teamed to start working on new music for a new project and inspired by this work, they've released a brand new song!

"Bleed" is a track that originally was to be used as the final track - and only track to feature vocals - of the instrumental "Fears Of Sex And Flying," acting as a bridge into the next The Hollowz album. However, due to messy personal issues, Ed Cayce had to cut production of "FOSAF" where he did, meaning this track was not finished until now.

via @JCPoppe

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