Friday, January 13, 2012

What I'm Watching: Stori "Someone Like You" (An Adele Cover that's Actually Damn Good)

Folks that know me, know that I love Adele. Adele before everyone was hip to her with 21. I fucks with 19 unlike a lot of others. Her voice has always captivated me. So much passion. So much emotion. Classic soul music. And because of what Adele does vocally, I frown on covers of her tracks. Frown upon them heavily. I’ve heard a lot of Adele covers too. Frankly, most of them sound like shit. I however stumbled on this cover from Stori. Yeah, I really like this. She adds a little but doesn't take away from it. I dig that. This song always takes me somewhere else … Someone Like You is the classy version of Drake's Marvin's Room. Ha!

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