Thursday, January 12, 2012

What I'm Watching: @JittaOnTheTrack - " I Don't Believe You // Slurred"

Funny story is that I first heard of this dude a while back from a guy that I randomly go to for haircuts. Yeah, the barbershop story. Haha. Dude proceeds to tell me about some cat he cuts that flows and gave me his info. I check him out but there wasn't anything recent enough for me to want to post so I forgot about it. Went back to that barbershop today and he asked if I checked it out. He oddly didn't ask me last time I went there. Probably didn't recognize me. Anyways, here I am today rechecking Jitta's music and found this joint released last month.

Definitely feeling "I Don't Believe You". It says it's produced by Jitta On The Beat. Guess dude can do a few things because that beat is pretty damn dope. As for "Slurred", it's not for me per say. I can hear it being played in a club nowadays but yeah, I'm not really feeling that one as much. Anyways, check out the video, which is clean, simple, and cool, and leave us your thoughts.

Official Music Video for Jitta On The Track's songs "I Don't Believe You" (Prod. By Jitta On The Beat) and "Slurred" (Prod. By Jaynez) off of his newest mixtape "Be Right Back" available for download here!

Be Right Back:

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