Wednesday, June 20, 2012

GIVE IT ANOTHER SPIN: Jinesis "Otisis"

A year ago we released one of our biggest and most successful projects, Otisis. We teamed up with TMB affiliate and NYC producer Jinesis on the Otis Redding sampled project. I'm a long time fan of Redding's heartfelt and soulful music. I'm also a fan of Jinesis' production work. At the time that I pitched the project, it was a no-brainer that the combination made sense. I'm pleased it worked out the way it did.

As I wrote then, I won't take credit for the creation of this incredible project, I just planted the seed. It was Jin who really bought this project to life and made it his own. You can feel the passion in the production. We've got some stuff in the works for some tracks from the project and Jinesis is also working on some new stuff too due out soon, but in the meantime enjoy TMB Presents Otisis.

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