Thursday, June 28, 2012

What I'm Watching: ILLUS - "Forever" featuring Apathy

I'm a couple weeks late on this joint but fuck it. Late is better than never and this joint needs some more views. Illus and Apathy holding down CT on some boom bap Hip-Hop tip.

"Connecticut emcees, ILLUS and APATHY join forces to create a True-School HipHop anthem that combines hard-hitting, Boom-Bap production (by APATHY) with their signature lyrical fire that illustrates their love, passion, and dedication for the art and culture as well as their gift and ability to write powerful songs with substance, heart and soul. The Legendary DJ JOHNNY JUICE from PUBLIC ENEMY lays down the scratches making it very clear that these talented emcees will be here "Forever". Play this loud!"

Written and performed by ILLUS @AdamWallenta and APATHY @ApathyDGZ
Produced and Mixed by APATHY
Scratches by and Co-Produced by DJ JOHNNY JUICE @johnnyjuice

New ILLUS album- "FAMILY FIRST" available on iTunes now(

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