Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Jinesis "DooWah"

I'll let Jinesis intro this one.
When it comes to beatmakers, we share a common chord and that's digging. Nothing feels better than coming across a rare record that you heard flipped. There's an unspoken challenge to flip it differently. Even the artwork speaks to you. So as I started chopping this Teddy Pendergrass (Easy, Easy, Got to Take It Easy) sample, I had that nagging suspicion that someone had flipped this sample already, but I couldn't pinpoint who. So after I flip the sample I went on whosampled.com to find out who had used it and it turns out Little Brother used it for "Not Enough ft. Darien Brockington" and Cali Agents used for "Close to Cash".  I gave both records a listen, and they both did a great job but I feel I flip it better, as any beatmaker would say. Take a listen to my version, tell me what your thoughts are! Thank you, Enjoy -Jinesis.

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