Saturday, July 14, 2012

Natasha Ramos: A Day In Her Journey, episodes 1-3

There's a business side and there's a human side to every artist. Today, we get to see the very human side of Natasha Ramos. Sounding more amazing than ever, we get to see in episode 1 the time she spends  in the studio working hard. If you're an artist, producer, engineer or someone familiar with the music industry, you know the time that's spent in the lab perfecting the craft. Though in episode 2, we get to see the goof in Natasha, as well as the crazy, silly studio shenanigans. In episode 2, we get an intimate but brief look into Natasha's familial and personal life. And you know the girl is dope because she plays Michael Jackson: The Experience on the Wii. You can't beat that kind of awesome. Ha! So if you're a fan of Natasha Ramos (which you should already be), check out her "A Day In Her Journey" series on YouTube below. Enjoy.

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