Tuesday, July 10, 2012

TMB x The Wanderer Presents: The Accomplices "People, Places, Things (Runnin')" feat. Tre DeJean (REMIXES EP)

The homie BroadNMarket reached out to me on behalf of his dope production duo The Accomplices (with The Jake) about getting on board with this project. TMB jumped on, no brainer. So, we set out to remix the Tre DeJean track that inspired this tshirt from The Wanderer. BroadNMarket bought along a remix from Instra-mental and I enlisted Motel Eola and Diatonic. The results is this remix ep. This track is from The Accomplices 10-90 EP. If you download the full project, you get a discount code for The Wanderer. If you send us a pic wearing the gear, you get the download to this project. In the meantime, enjoy the stream. Chea!

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