Saturday, August 04, 2012

TheSeKondElement x 3rd Degree "Change Will Come"

It's here the first official song of the 100 Days of Summer Music Project & the debut single from the band, 3rd Degree Live! We couldn't be more excited!

Having the audacious ideology & Unremitting Belief in the Revolutionary power of Inspiration to Stimulate change. HUBRIS.

We call it the soundtrack to our movement, even though when we began writing the song that wasn't our intention. This song just embodies what we believe in and stand for. Even our tours are specially designed to bring our causes to the forefront using our common talent: music. We raise awareness for Sickle Cell & Diabetes and live daily with the goal of helping others along the way. Many encourage you to look back & grab somebody once you've climbed the ladder of success. While, this is a good notion, we strive to do one better by making sure those around us and in our community are never too far in our rearview. We endeavor to help others climb as we climb.

The music was composed by Bettis, lyrics by TheSeKondElement & Bettis, bass line by BassMonsterTiff, Guitar by Ross Carlson, Trumpet by Chris Cotton, & Saxophone by Etienne Stoufflet.

3rd Degree Live is made up of Bettis (Drums), Merell Burkett (Keys), Ross Carlson (Guitar), Chris Cotton (Trumpet), Josh Hawkins (Bass), & Etienne Stoufflet (Sax).

TheSeKondElement, Bettis, & BassMonsterTiff are collectively known as The H.U.B.R.I.S. Tour. 


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