Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Download ... aboveGround Magazine & The Monday Lunch present: "Sum Sh​-​t We Dubbed Vol. 2"

Check out one of our next's Independent's Day Showcase artist, Sketch tha Cataclysm, on this free or pay what you wish album presented by aboveGround Magazine & The Monday Lunch and mixed by DJ Mo Niklz. Fresh music...check it!

On January 3rd 2011, the internet publication aboveGround Magazine, known for showcasing the best in underground hip-hop, released the second volume of the series Sum Sh-t We Dubbed by Connecticut MC/Producer Sketch tha cataclysm mixed by DJ Mo Niklz.

Each volume of the mix series is different (the first featured alternate versions of Sketch's songs, selections from a number of his 11 projects, live bits, and unreleased material), Volume Two features eleven of his Verse Of The Week segments originally aired on the Sioux Falls, SD radio program The Monday Lunch between 9/26/2010 and 12/27/2010.

It also features 4 previously unreleased songs from Sketch's catalog: "Stroll" feat. The Protege of Phenetiks (prod. by Defnyshn), "Encouragement of Deital Pronouncement" (prod. by Dirt E. Dutch), "Song One" and "I Dreamt Of A Bottomless Heaven" (both prod. by Sketch himself).

Pay what you wish for the project and support the music.

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1. Introlude (Rising Sun Quest "Level Shit") 00:54
2. One Thing (Over Jake One "One Thing") 01:39
3. Encouragement Of Deital Pronouncement 02:07
4. Euphoria (over Ski Beatz's "Taxi") 02:19
5. Spit (over Bangladesh's "Lemonade") 01:48
6. Untitled #72 (over Kanye West's "Drive Slow") 01:36
7. I Dreamt Of A Bottomless Heaven 01:55
8. Interlude (D_Cyphernauts "The Suspense") 00:38
9. Alone (over Madlib's "Falling") 02:20
10. Arrow Strikes Target. . . (over J Cole's "Who Dat") 01:24
11. Subscribed Congeiled 01:12
12. The Verse About Legalizing (Over Clark Kent & The Remedy's "Super High") 01:56
13. Stroll (with The Protege of Phenetiks) 02:27
14. Interlude (The Protege "Nothing") 00:43
15. Beechwood (over Diddy, LV, Sean C's "Roc Boys") 01:42
16. I Touch The Page (over Just Blaze's "Never Been In Love") 01:31
17. Open Your Eyes. . . (Over Pete Rock's "Be Easy") 01:15
18. Outrolude (Expertiz "Machinery") 01:12
19. Song One 03:05

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