Sunday, September 04, 2011

Joey A.X. - Noni X Everything After

Check out this new track by Joey A.X. that written about a loss in his family and the struggles he took dealing with it. A lot of emotion poured onto this track from the man from New Haven, CT. Saw him at a show a little while back and connected with him and he sent me this track and my late ass finally got to post it. Haha. Video to come soon too. This joint though is dope. As rough as it probably was for him to make this track, it's refreshing to hear topics in Hip-Hop other than the usual clich├ęs. Check it.

And here's another track off Jus' Supply and Demand mixtape that dropped about a month ago featuring the producer of the track The Kid Amo and Joey A.X., respectively. Check it.

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