Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Interview: Miss Special x Jhene Aiko

So, yeah I'm just going to call her Miss Interview. That's official now. Ha! Continuing her interview grind, Miss Special (Miss Interview) chops it up with Jhene Aiko. Enjoy.
At her show last Thursday night at 330 Ritch in San Francisco, I had the opportunity to interview the lovely Jhene Aiko. We spoke about her sisters former group, working with Fisticuffs as part of her sound, her writing process for "Sailing Souls", how the theme of "Sailing Souls" came about and her top 5 current rappers. We also spoke about her covering "Marvin's Room", performing Lil Kim's "Crush On You" and what's next for her including recording, performing and upcoming videos for "Do Better Blues" and "My Mine".
(via @MiSS1SPECiAL)

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