Monday, October 17, 2011

What EMS Is Listening To ... "My Drug" x The 17th

Let me just start with saying, WOW! I actually stumbled across this little gem by happenstance. The 17th followed me on Twitter, and whilst checking out the profile, I noticed a link. Funny thing is, I rarely click on folks' twitter links, but something just said, "Yo, go check this out." And lo and behold... Dope! I've always been a fan of fusing genres and "My Drug" is a perfect amalgamation of hip-hop and rock. It's edgy, eerie and all over the place but in the most beautiful way that a song can be crafted. I promise, that's a compliment (I'm not always the best wordsmith). Something else I love about this song is that you're able to just lose yourself in the music. Sometimes, we definitely all need that.

But, "My Drug" isn't the only thing that The 17th has to offer. Over on, the player at the top has a few other songs that I think you guys will dig in addition to this one. So, enjoy!

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