Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What EMS Is Listening To ... "Seek and Destroy" x @theycallmeBK

Is she dope? Yes. Is she gorgeous? Absolutely. Can she sing? Most definitely! I got this in the inbox yesterday, and Q said, "You might like." Well I can tell you, I most assuredly love it. I actually had this on repeat going to the home front this evening. What's so fresh about Bridget Kelly's "Seek and Destroy" is that it's categorically blunt and simple. I like that! Hell, I wish more things in life were that easy. Ha! This is probably the anthem of all anthems, which interestingly enough, could be useful on both sides of the fence. Kelly's EP Every Girl just dropped two days ago, so I suggest you check it out! You can download it at her website, I've told the masses how awesome she is, so now it's on y'all. With that being said, you better not f*ck this up! ;) Enjoy!

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