Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What EMS Is Watching ... "Love On Top" x @KrisWak (original by Beyoncé)

So... it's late nights like these when I go trolling the internet and stumble upon awesomeness like this. I was spending the last few minutes of my night on YouTube seeing what was what and the first time I got notice of Kris Collins was when I watched his co-cover of Frank Ocean's "We All Try" with his best friend Dom (which, by the way, was very good). Then I mosied on over to the Facebook Fan Page and saw the cover of Beyonce's latest. I thought to myself, hmmm I wonder how this is going to go. Can we say cutest thing ever?! I love his voice, he's extremely talented and I, for one, plan on finding out more about Kris' music. I think this would definitely serve as something nice for the dames! Enjoy.

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