Thursday, November 17, 2011

Download ... MacGuyver - "The Nostalgia Tape"

So you're just gonna start the first track, the Intro track, on your mixtape with "The Roots - Act Too (Love of My Life) in the background while you have some of the all time dopest lyricists in my era of loving the genre speak about when they first fell in love with Hip-Hop right off the bat?!?! I see you, MacGuyver. I see you and I'm listening. With the volume UP!

MacGuyver goes through a series of some classic production he uses to flow over skillfully and at times effortlessly. As much as we as fans can get tired of hearing folks rap over beats we've heard over and over, this time feels to be different. I might have to chalk it to the actual instrumentals he used. They're a collection of instrumentals from some of my favorite tracks in Hip-Hop in my life.

He goes in track after track about a numerous of topics related to his life and this Hip-Hop music he's putting his foot right into. He definitely handles his own throughout the mixtape with only three tracks having a feature. I can honestly say I enjoyed this mixtape thoroughly and it brought back some of that good feeling I used to get when I listened to the original tracks back then. Guess that's why this project is perfectly titled "The Nostalgia Tape".

Check out "Respiration" off the mixtape and be sure to download the entire album after. It's free!!!

Download: MacGuyver - The Nostalgia Tape

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