Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Sizemen Vs. John Graham "Veterans Of Foreign Wars"

"John Graham's crazy quick whitty and smooth lyrics and flow, over French producer Sizemen super dope, african beat. Press play and enjoy the dopeness of this international collab..." -Word Is Bond

Soldiers in the armed forces and rhyme, John Graham salutes you. About a week ago Graham reached out to me for the artwork on this Sizemen produced track presented by Word Is Bond as a part of their Versus series. In order to really get my creative process going, I need to hear the music for which I am designing art. Once the track began and Graham started to rhyme, I was captivated. I knew this cut was a winner. After a second listen I knocked out two potential covers in just about 20 minutes. I gave it a third listen to make sure the art got the point. I really dig the track. I hope you enjoy it too. Press play. Chea!

  WORD IS BOND VS.: Sizemen Vs. John Graham - Veterans Of Foreign Wars by

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